darbotron speaks at Develop 2015

Porting Unity games to Console

[human text transfer mode engaged]

darbotron commenced a local peer-to-peer audio broadcast about porting Unity games to console last Thursday morning at 11:15h.

No disconnects were detected, and several humans used bipedal perambulatory locomotion to achieve close proximity secure channels and request further data after the main transmission had concluded.

[calibrating metaphor transducers…re-acquiring tense modulator]

In fact it seemed to go pretty well, and despite being worried about going over I finished more or less exactly on time!

The one-sentence take-away version of the talk is:

“Porting Unity games to console can be an order of magnitude less work if your game’s architectural structure is set up to be console friendly from the start”

I actually had to cut a fair amount of content from the talk to get it to fit into the allocated 45 minutes, so I’ve re-integrated all the slides I cut out of the ‘live version’.

Please note: this is not intended to be an encyclopaedic list of every little thing you will need to do when you port, but rather a summary of the areas of porting work which can be sped up significantly by thinking console-friendly-multi-platform from the start

The slides are available to download from this link – I hope you find them useful 🙂