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darbotron is the alter ego, outward facing business facade, and collaborative vehicle of veteran game developer Alex Darby

darbotron and a small team of collaborators are actively developing an original IP for PC & console which they are very excited about

this is currently funded by contract work – darbotron specialises in porting Unity games to console from other platforms

since its formation in 2014 darbotron has contributed to several published titles which have been released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS devices – see Happy Clients for details

About Alex Darby

Alex is a largely hair free allegedly ape-descended creature who lives in a house with his wife and son, a small happy dog, and a large collection of electronic gadgetry and plastic crap he should know better than to keep buying

Whilst we’re discussing him, you may also be interested to learn that Alex is a veteran game developer who joined the video game industry in 1996, has worked on more than 18 published multi-platform games across most formats from PSX to PS4, and is a member of BAFTA. He has been a Technical Director, a Lead Programmer, and a Lead Designer; and was a founding member of FreeStyleGames where he co-created the DJ Hero franchise and worked on the critically acclaimed and multi-million selling DJ Hero and DJ Hero2

In 2011 Alex co-created Gamer Camp, a suite of unique and innovative industry focussed Masters’ courses that have adopted the academically ground breaking (but bleedingly obvious) practice of preparing students to work in the game industry by getting a multi-disciplinary group of them to spend a year essentially doing nothing but making games in teams on real world hardware platforms (such as the PC, iPad, PS3, PSVita, and PS4) under the watchful eyes of industry experienced tutors. Alex was course lead on the Programming MSc until 2014, and is still involved in teaching and consulting for Gamer Camp.

In what he likes to refer to as his spare time Alex is also a co-founder of the not-for-profit indie developer shared workspace Arch Creatives, contributor to gamedev blogging community #AltDevBlogADay, a STEM Video Games Ambassador, a member of UKIE‘s Talent Advisory Group, an External Expert Advisor for Ofqual, and generally tries to help people if able – after all, what’s the good of knowledge and experience if it’s not shared?

If you would like to find out more about Alex click here to visit his linkedin profile

If you would like to contact Alex (for example: in order to engage his excellent technical direction, programming, or game design skills in return for some form of widely accepted negotiable currency) the quickest and easiest way to do so is via twitter where he is @darbotron