games for people to play


say hello to darbotron: a game development micro studio with a sensibly sized dream

darbotron’s mission is to make games for people to play

darbotron understands that not every person who plays games is a hyperactive teenager with the reflexes of a highly caffeinated feline ninja and/or the leisure time surfeit of a student

games should entertain intellectually, provide kinaesthetically satisfying interaction, be able to surprise, and hopefully to elicit a wry smile or a chuckle once in a while

games should speak to our inner child; providing a reminder of the relentless enthusiasm, joy in little things, and sense of wonder we once once took for granted

and so, darbotron plods determinedly onward toward their modest dream of making a living by making games that they want to make and which they hope other people might like to play

good luck darbotron, and godspeed