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Silly Little Games

as the page name suggests, this is a page for silly little games that darbotron has made purely for fun

feel free to play them, or not, as you choose – you never know, you might like them…

Spooky Wookie


darbotron created Spooky Wookie for the “Spooky Wooky” Halloween 2015 Arch Jam at Arch Creatives, with the help of his human compatriot Gaby-In-Wonderland (@Gaby_Wonderland).

in Spooky Wookie you must negotiate the maze like forest of Endor to get back to the safety of your bunker; avoiding being caught by the wookies in the forest using only the gift of 3D audio and the power of hearing.

it is a silly game, but you may like it.

you can download it here:

if you’re silly enough to be the sort of person who downloads game jam source code, the full unity project is available here:

Abe vs Dragon


Abe is a little boy who lives in darbotron’s house and who likes to play games.

one day, Abe looked up at darbotron and said: “I would like to play a game where a little boy uses arrows to save a magical bird from an evil dragon who has locked it in a golden cage”

Abe seemed very serious, so darbotron decided to treat the request seriously, and “Games For Abe” was born

darbotron also took it as a chance to learn Unity3d, and he made the game for Abe all by himself (we assume you can tell…)

even better, if you click the screenshot above you can play it (sorry it takes ages to load, it’s meant for android devices really…)